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Alexa Moroveston - Commander's Office

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Alexa Moroveston - Commander's Office

Post by Alexa Moroveston on Tue Mar 20 2018, 04:24

Seeing no one around, Alexa wandered down the hall to her old office. Opening the door a feint smile raised the corners of the ebon haired woman's lips. It seemed some things never changed. Stepping in and leaving the door open, she went around the room reacquainting herself with the items there. From a manual on training for Charisma, to the album holding flag scraps from the various houses that had warred in the city over the years. Moving behind the desk, she pulled out the chair and sat down. Had it really been that long? Had her short break turned into the years and years that now shown on the slight sheen of dust on everything? There was also the realization that the noises in the halls of cadets, instructors and business were far more than they had been when she departed.

"From a handful to a hall full...." she murmured to the empty air of the office. "Oh, AA... I wish you were here to see what your legacy was." She had known that this would grow, AA had convinced her that one day the Night Watch would be a force to be reckoned with in the city. His enthusiasm had been so contagious that she had joined because she knew he couldn't possibly have been wrong in his ideas.

Leaning back in her chair, the smile waned slightly as she closed her eyes and sighed mourning the loss of so much time, and so many dear friends.

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Re: Alexa Moroveston - Commander's Office

Post by Solanea on Wed Mar 21 2018, 23:42

Now that everything was completed. All votes in, all i's dotted and t's crossed she was officially the official 5th Commander. It was a hard and long road but now her position was secure and she could breath a sigh of relief and relax so she wanted to redecorate her office so when she walked through the door she was slightly startled seeing someone sitting at her desk.

A smile softened her weathered face " Well hello, Alexa. How does it feel to be back in your old office" she pulled out a chair in front of the desk and plopped down "I plan on redecorating. Any idea's"?

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Re: Alexa Moroveston - Commander's Office

Post by Kaleb on Fri Mar 23 2018, 03:54

The Lycan hed has been following his mother scent as he padded into Alexa's office. Kaleb cocked his head up as he saw Solanea talking to another. Leaping up onto his hind leg's, looking down as he reached out with his right paw.

"How come you did not wake me up mom, I guess the hunt for our food wore me out. Kaleb cocks his head, why hello I am Kaleb" The beast reaching out with his right paw.

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Re: Alexa Moroveston - Commander's Office

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