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CLA Debate Rules - Please Read!

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CLA Debate Rules - Please Read!

Post by smitsmit on Thu Nov 05 2009, 22:15

The Civilian Legislation Authority is designed to be a neutral ground in which our clan ambassadors, civilian senators, and any citizens may debate, notify and/or speak on issues that relate to the NightWatch, or the city in general. Only Ambassadors and Senators have the ability to vote at this time. There are only three simple rules regulating these grounds at this time.

1. Off topic fighting between ambassadors or senators over inter-clan issues will not be tolerated.

2. Personal attacks by anyone, on anyone participating in these debates, will not be tolerated.

3. ((Please do not cross, use brackets to identify OOC statements, or mark a thread OOC if the entire topic is OOC. Due to the nature of the NW, terms like "passing of their human" are acceptable, although an ooc bracket stating "player passing" can also be used. Use of in game names can also be accepted while OOC as not all player names are publicly known.))



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Commander IV (Ret) - CLA Chancellor

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