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Other Memorials in Ravenblack City.

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Other Memorials in Ravenblack City.

Post by GraveGuard on Sun Sep 26 2010, 12:32

goatsucker's lair - Yak and 13th
Marlena's Wishing Well - Fear and 56th.
Wilhelm's Warrior house - Horror and 53th.
Edge of Reason - Fear and NCL
Obsidian's Arboretum (at Obsidian and 88th)
Wyndcryers' TygerNight's and Bambi's Lair - Unicorn and 77th

goatsucker's lair, The - Yak and 13th

Bagpipes whisper softly through the night air. The grass and wildflowers glow in the moonlight, and sway in the gentle breeze, as if they are dancing to the haunting music. A wolf howls in the distance. Nearby stands a lonely looking cave with a small plaque embedded in the wall above its sealed entrance. It reads:


Chiseled below the plaque, by the hands of the humans behind Wolf Clan, reads a small touching note:

In loving memory of our good friend Jon.

Marlena's Wishing Well - Fear and 56th.

At the edge of the street stands an old well, constructed of stone and standing about a foot out of the ground. Atop it, a pointed roof held by a pole on either end. A rope is tied to a third beam that crosses the other two - a broken handle on one side, offset by an unbroken one on the other.

Before the well is a polished stone engraved with the name 'Marlena'. Grass surrounds the area, speckled with roses and orchids growing beautifully all around the area.
"Here lies the final resting place of Marlena, wife of Es Beacy, daughter to Leprichaun, grand-daughter to What The, sister and friend to many. Her love, devotion and loyalty to those she cared for was second to none. She was an incredible woman, a friend to all those who were graced by her presence."
In smaller writing, near the base of the stone:
"Marlena. Loved by all. Forever in our hearts.

Wilhelm's Warrior house - Horror and 53th.

"Willhelm the Warrior
Patriarch and Architect of the Hells Angel Family
Sire to Four Loyal and Relentless Warriors
Brutus, Hop, Mama Bear and Des
Father to VampiressRose
Eternal Partner to the Lovely NAE
Brother, Grand Sire and Great Grand Sire to many Fierce Warriors
Sired by Lord Capadocious"

Edge of Reason - Fear and NCL

Two ancient pillars tower over the edge of a cliff. Many have gone to the edge, but few have ever returned.

This is the gateway to The Shadow Realm. Your guides are as follows:
Devil Miyu, Dominitus, deaths embrace and Redsgoddes.

Etched in one of the pillars is a message which reads:
"Should you feel inclined to censure
Faults you may in others view,
Ask your own heart, ere you venture,
If that has not failings too.

Let not friendly vows be broken;
Rather strive a friend to gain;
Many a word in anger spoken
Finds its passage home again.

Do not, then, in idle pleasure,
Trifle with another's fame;
Guard it as a valued treasure,
Sacred as your own good name.

Do not form opinions blindly.
Hastiness to trouble tends;
Those of whom we thought unkindly,
Oft become our warmest friends."
~Devil Miyu

Step off the edge and take a leap of Faith.

A small crypt stands alongside the pillars and in a short way from the edge. A plaque over the chained entrance, carved of blackened petrified sycamore wood, reads "In loving memory of Draven Anton DeLereaux, aka Nyx Thanatos."

Across the crypt, near the edge, is a gravestone made out of black granite. Carved into it, the inscription reads, "Rest in peace Andrew Charles Mullen aka SevenDeadly. Beloved son, brother and friend."

This unique memorial now shares the same properties as the Graveyard, as it is in itself, a mini Graveyard. One can leave flowers or a Memorial Candle from the NW at this location.

Obsidian's Arboretum (at Obsidian and 88th)

Leafy green trees stand straight and tall, aligning the gates at Obsidian and 88th. If one were to venture beyond the sturdy gates and through the vast thickets of trees they would discover many species of trees, plants, and flowers. Creeping vines, poisonous bloodroses, and vegetation of the stinging nature list the dangers of this path. Splashes of vibrant color greet the eyes, as flowers vie for the attention of the onlooker.

In the park, the sounds of running water leads to various small brooks or streams bubbling with aquatic life; fish, polliwogs, turtles.

Upon a slight hill, in a clearing sits a well worn bench. In front of the bench, lies a simple plaque.

The plaque reads:
"In Memory of a Much Beloved Son.

Brian Alexander Beringer aka "Alexandir"

7/3/92 - 5/30/07

Not a day goes by... Forever in my Heart


Wyndcryers' TygerNight's and Bambi's Lair - Unicorn and 77th

An intricate, wrought-iron gate greets the visitor, and it creaks slightly as it opens to reveal the inner landscape. A large blood fountain waits to quench the thirst of any in need, central in the spacious yard, surrounded by four wrought-iron benches to match the elegant gate, inviting repose to enjoy the cool night air and the company of the flora and fauna that is abundant.

The plaque that graces each post bookending the gate reads as follows:

"Welcome friends; our door is always open to those with no ill will. Weapons are not permitted here, nor is anger, nor hatred. This is a home of love and peace, and all seeking such are welcome."

Magnificent gargoyles guard the entrance to the main mansion, one on either side of the marble steps leading to the broad, mahogany double doors. Pushing them wide, the visitor will find the opulent furninshings, graceful armchairs and couches of mahogany and silk in silver and black that are spread throughout the room, and the large fireplaces centered in each of the east and west walls.

On the far wall is a large, ornate mahogany door set into the marbled wall, opening onto the main chamber of the couple, a large golden gargoyle on either side to guard from intruders to this inner sanctum, watchful eyes continually prowling the room for dangers.

Those fortunate enough to pass unharmed through this door will find the couple's crypt, walls of pure gold layered over the expensive marble. Ancient statues abound to greet the couple when they wake, golden remnants of Istanbul's past, and the sarcophagi themselves are of pure gold to ward off the sun should it find its way into this place through some act of the gods or perhaps earthly treachery.

While this lair is not described as an official memorial per-se, this was the location of the vigil ceremony that occurred after Jeannie Dunn, player of Wyndcryer passed away, and again at the one year anniversary of her passing.


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