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Training Bonuses - 2015

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Training Bonuses - 2015

Post by smitsmit on Fri Dec 31 2010, 03:04

We understand it can be hard work obtaining your powers,   and since you are powering up with the intention of improving your abilities, we feel that work deserves assistance, and recognition.   Its a long road from becoming a new vampire in this city, to becoming a fully powered one, and we're here to help.

Our training school is divided into three sections, and offers training bonuses to help you gain powers, which you will receive if you show dedication towards your training and follow the time guidelines.

Note:  the term level does not refer to the three level s of the training school, rather the section/task you must complete to receive the bonus.  

Bonus 1: 5000 coins (After completion of level two)
Bonus 2: 3000 coins (After completion of level four)
Bonus 3: 5000 coins (After completion of level five)
Bonus 4: 3000 coins (After completion of level six)
Bonus 5: 3000 coins (After completion of level eight)
Bonus 6: 8,000 coins (After completion of level eleven)
Bonus 7: 4000 coins (after completion of level twelve)
Bonus 8: 4000 coins (after completion of level thirteen)

Upon Graduation, if you choose to join the NightWatch and fill out our oath,  you will immediately receive the rank of constable.  Otherwise we wish you the best in whichever endeavors you choose in the city.

Commission payout is not retroactive. eg: if you join and already have powers to enter school 2, then you are eligible for the coin bonus for that school and school 3, but not school one, nor is it retroactive for work done prior to the establishment of this document. Some exceptions may apply.

This is subject to change at anytime, or may be modified on an individual one on one basis at our our discretion.

It is your responsibility to update us on your current powers or what you are working on as a cadet.  We will check up on you from time to time as well.    If you find you have earned the commission for your training but have not received it yet,  please notify Captain Solanea,  our banking officer.



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