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How to make a Guard Report

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How to make a Guard Report

Post by smitsmit on Sat Oct 01 2011, 15:22

The login information of each guard is very important and should always be included.  I know this method is the easiest way to get a view of what happened in the station.

However, we don't just need to know what the guard saw at login, we want to know what they did.  Did you hand out 5 coins to someone in the station?   Please post the information of giving them the coins.  Were they robbed over 100 coins?  If so then send a telepathic message with one of the following  bill boards, or a general message letting them know that coins robbed beyond what is needed for transit should be returned so others can use the service.


Please show that a telepathic message was sent to that user (this also applies if you send a telepathic message for any reason, be it information, directions, or a simple thank you for a donation )   Were you given coins by anyone?   Did you kill a hunter?   Please post that information as well about the kill stats  Did you deposit extra coins at the end of your run,  Post the coin amount which you deposited..Please  NEVER reveal the account balance on this forum.  Did anyone say anything to you or others?   Did your guard say anything directly to others? Lets see that as well!

Did you guard help someone on a charisma quest?  Lets see it.   Did they find a shop?   Post that as well.   Basically use your best judgement to post a report which gives us a general idea of what happened with your guard.   There are plenty of historical reports you can look at for examples. rabbit

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