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How to make a Guard Report

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How to make a Guard Report

Post by smitsmit on Sat Oct 01 2011, 15:22

While the login information of each guard is very important and should always be included, The Guard reports i've seen to date are incomplete. I know this method is the easiest way but take a look at the central guard (my) guard reports as an example. I don't just want to know what you guard saw at login, I want to know what they did. Did you hand out 5 coins to someone in the station? Please post the information of giving them the coins. Were they robbed over 100 coins? If so then send a telepathic message with one of the following bill boards:


Please show that a telepathic message was sent to that user and highlight the inforation in orange (this also applies if you send a telepathic message for any reason, be it information, directions, or a simple thank you for a donation - excluding the following pires) Were you given coins by anyone? Be sure to highlight that information in green If the donation was from our own Zev, rasputin , gorgon, or WhiteOwl, Just highlight the information in green, and spare the telepathic message. Did you kill a hunter? Please post that information as well about the kill stats and code it in green. Did you deposit extra coins at the end of your run, Post the coin amount in blue. but NEVER reveal the account balance on this forum. Did anyone say anything to you or others? Colour that in yellow. Did you say anything directly to others? Colour that in white.

The colour thing will take time to get used to, I'd appreciate if you use it but you may adopt your own coding system. Or forget it althogether. However the extra information still needs to be posted.

If you read the Additional Guard Duties. you'll find that the Western Guards are recruiters, Please do your regular duties of handing out coins, helping with directions, and hunting humans and hunters, but also head to a few crowded banks and bars in the area and shout the following message (or your own variation)

Do you need help with powers? Are you fully powered but want to do more in the city? Clanned or unclanned we are here to help you do more. If you're interested in joining one of the largest neutral organizations in the city, please contact the NightWatch http://nightwatch.ravenblack.net

Please post the number of recruitment messages that were posted when you make your report.

The Central guards are shopfinders. There are two shop changes per day. Ideally at the very least ONE shop change should have shops found and posted. on http://aviewinthedark.net This is done by getting banked coins, going to the nearest pub and consuming drinks (not blood, the two cheaper ones) until the shop information is revealed. Yes, these guards are actually drinking on the job, but are still sober enough to post information about the NightWatch, handle donations, kill hunters, and hand out coins.

The Eastern Guards are simply bankers. They are still expected to hand out coins to those in stations, help any with questions, talk about the NightWatch to any who are interested, and highllight lots and lots of green. These guards are exempt from posting deposit information.

I know this will take some time to get used to. and to make it easier you dont have to do this on a daily basis, even a weekly report with one or two days will suffice, as long as I can get an idea of how the guard is doing, all will be well..



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Re: How to make a Guard Report

Post by Serena Moon on Sat Oct 01 2011, 23:46

I'm not sure why any of that would make it any easier to read. For me, having three guards to report, would take up a lot of time to do all the things required to make it colored. If what I post isn't acceptable, then I would respectfully let someone else take care of them. I give all the information needed, so I feel what I post is good enough as is. I hope I don't sound disrespectful, because that's not my intent.


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