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Common Terms:

Post by smitsmit on Sat Sep 01 2012, 22:25


NightWatch: A clan-neutral guardian organization that watches over the city,
protecting the Graveyard, vigils, mediating in small disputes, and only fighting other
offenders if mediation fails and it proves absolutely necessary. We Run the Guards,
and help out in many other ways in the city.

CLA: (Civiian Legisltative Authority) This is the organization that makes the
NightWatch one of the only organizations in the city that are not a school or clan.
The CLA is a city government wing composed of

Senators: (those who represent their own views),

Ambassadors: (Those who represenent the views of a clan, family, or organization, and

Chancellors: (Those who represent both of the above, but have the ability to moderate
the CLA, and the special power to make a bench warrant if emergency attacking is
required. The Chancellors are also tasked with choosing who is allowed into the CLA.

Transit guards:

Blue guards seen in trainsit stations bearing the same or a similar name. These Guards
multipurpose guards are there to help with passage by giving out transit fare to
those in need or allowing themselves to be robbed, ideally with any unneeded portion
for transit returned. The Guards are here to give directions in the city to
newcomers, help find shops, and help on any charisma or perception quests.


One of the first 'guards', the GraveGuard monitors the Graveyard to ensure that
everything is in proper order. GraveGuard will give Memorial Candles and Roses to
Graveyard visitors. GraveGuard will eject a pyre from the Graveyard who is disrespful
by either verbal abuse, use of weapons, use of turning scrolls, or ignoring
multiple requests to not bite or rob at this location.

Vigil: A gathering for a characters player who has passed away (in real life), During
these unfortunate events, GraveGuard and some transit guards will likely move to the
area of the vigil to hand out flowers and candles, and keep offenders at bay.

Hob Guard: A simple service provided by the NightWatch where bindings can be
registered with us and free flowers of the couples choice will be handed out. The
couple who are binding can also request an Honour Guard which is composed of the HoB
being surrounded by Transit Guards.


A cadet is a member of our traning school from one of three levels who is in the active
process of training in powers. For either use in a future NightWatch Application, or
just general schooling for a different purpose in the city.

If theres anything missing that you'd like to know about, feel free to ask!



NightWatch Senator

Commander IV (Ret) - CLA Chancellor
Commander IV (Ret) - CLA Chancellor

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