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Transit Guard Code of Conduct

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Transit Guard Code of Conduct

Post by smitsmit on Sat May 02 2009, 21:39

The NightWatch Transit Guards are the most well known, and most helpful NightWatch members in the city. They selflessly spend their nights helping vampires in completing their travel throughout the city.

The Guards were originally founded as a simple service in whch young vampires can rob them for transit fare. While this is still one of their primary duties, their roles have expanded over the years.

(Note: there are no restrictions on the use of another owners guards for purposes of charisma help. It is also fine to move them if they are in shadows from a player being away)

Primary Duties:

1. Hand out transit fare (at least 5 coins) to any vampires who are stranded within the station.

2.  If your guard is at full energy,  check the charisma help board to see if there is an outstanding quest.(or any other source, taverns, papers etc)   If so,  Use your guard for help on that quest.    If you find that you hit the 4ap mark energy mark on a far away quest,   Use one succor scroll to get back to Guardian Outpost, then head 2 squares East to Melepomeme Stn. You should still be able to use the last ap to get back to your original station.  This also applies if you find you were displaced.    
(note,  there is no restriction on using guards assigned to others to help on charisma if they are not awake)

3. Always carry enough coin on hand so that you may be robbed by vampires requiring transit fare. (Ideally 50-80 coins) Coins can only be obtained by biting humans, killing hunters, or from donations by other vampires. (Don't bite other vampires!)

4 Send a telepathic messages to thank vampires whom make donations. eg (Thank you for your donation:  http://nightwatch.ravenblackcity.com)

5. Always try to leave the Guard resting in its designated station.(or move back at earliest opportunity)

Expanded Duties:

7. Patrol the station perimeter, eliminating any Humans or Hunters you encounter, bank excess coins.

8. If  the bank nearest to your station is extremely crowded or blocked, enter and inform the occupants that the bank is blocked and being cleared,  exit and fire one scroll of turning to clear it. All guards are battlecloacked to reduce blood damage to Civilians as much as possible. B: If you observe that another cloaked vampire was affected by your scroll, provide a 250 coin compensation to that vampire.

9. If it is apparent that someone in your station is out of line, by either verbally abusing its peace (vulgarity, overly excessive spamming, etc), or by attacking your Guard or other station occupants, you should remove that individual from the station with a scroll of displacement. Notify the offending vampire of the reason for their displacement if it is a first time offense.(take a photograph)

10. If you encounter a shop that is not already posted (aviewinthedark.net) add it to the listing under the name The NightWatch.

11. Do whatever else you can to be helpful, (eg: answer questions from other vampires, let them know about the NightWatch) Use your best Judgement!
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